Huw Lewis tyres supply and stock a range of batteries including motorized wheelchairs, golf buggies, toy cars, commercial, tractors, motorcycle, car, any vehicle you care to mention.

We also have a full range of leisure batteries for your caravanning and fishing boat motors. Our comprehensive stock consists of the following:

Varta Asia Car Battery

Varta Asia car batteries are aimed at cars manufactured or imported from the Asian markets. These have a three year warranty.

Varta Gel AGM Ultra Dynamic Batteries

Varta's high-end range of gel batteries are fitted by the manufacturers of prestige marques from new. Although they may cost a little more than lead acid equivalents, your high quality car deserves a high quality battery.

Varta Blue Dynamic Car Batteries

Varta's car batteries are world renowned for their high quality build. So much so that most car manufacturers fit them from new! Every Varta car battery has a three year warranty.

We also stock a comprehensive range of motorcycle, leisure and agricultural batteries. Please contact us to discus fitting and price.